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Navodayan Doctors Seminar Held in Delhi – Check Recommendation and Conclusion

It was a great meeting with all Navodayan Doctors and I am very thankful to all Jnvians doctor who presents on occasion of a dream project “Navodaya Super Speciality Hospital”. Here I am sharing some great things that came from all suggestions and recommendations.Conclusions

Conclusion: Seminar participants acknowledged that rapid society growth is possible only by participating more number of NAVODAYANS.

1-Our JNV SHINE HEALTH CARE SOCIETY concentrated its focus on the ethical part of health care services. Participants recognised that health-insecurity is increasingly becoming a worldwide problem and that specific policies and programmes should be undertaken to improve the health security as well as social security, particularly among the NAVODAYAN.

2-The establishment of Navodayan doctors platforms an ideal example of social responsibility to give back to society. Efficient and quick response for medical issues enhances the trust of society i.e. JNV SHINE HEALTH CARE SOCIETY. These policies and programs should be formulated in close collaboration with all concerned NAVODAYANS DOCTORS and JNV SHINE HEATH CARE SOCIETY.

3-Affordable and reliable services of health care of the good quality of world class must be made affordable to all, including NAVODAYAN.

4- We would always work towards building Trust among all NAVODAYANS by ensuring participation of more number of NAVODAYANS.

5-We would also provide specific and relevant information on JNV SHINE HEALTH CARE SOCIETY’s project through website and others social platform of providing full details of a project and one-year road map of society. Such information is fundamental for sound policy and planning development and for effective program design and implementation. Information is particularly in the following areas Governing Body members’ information

1-Governing Body members’ information.
2-Upcoming events of society.
3-Information regarding collaborated doctors through JNV SHINE HEALTH CARE SOCIETY.
4-Categories of members and facilities.
5-Total available funds and expense information.
6-Future plan.
7-Scientifically sound and understandable information for the public health care and its social responsibility.

6-Effective coordination for timely action and effective planning is significantly improved by the involvement of many NAVODAYAN DOCTORS and other aluminies.

7-NATURE OF SUPER SPECIALTY HOSPITAL OF JNV SHINE HEALTH CARE SOCIETY is UNIQUE in the feature, society i.e. JNV SHINE HEALTH CARE SOCIETY will first open a super specialty clinic and make collaborations country wide among NAVODAYAN DOCTORS/clinics / hospital to have the facility of their members.

8-Enlargement of Governing Body is needed for society proper functioning.


1. Collaboration and coordination

Transparency must be emphasized in the process of elaborating policies and programs related to various aspects of collaboration among NAVODAYAN DOCTORS, clinic, and hospital.
• Mechanisms should be established to facilitate interactive communication among all society members; and
• Efforts should be strengthened to ensure effective collaboration and coordination among NAVODAYAN DOCTORS and society members to ensure more timely and coordinated action and more effective planning where appropriate, focal points may be established to deal with complex issues.

2- Enhancing fund raising process
• Doctors participating in seminar were ready to take membership of society and agree to more contribute other than standard membership contribution;
• Other Navodayan like industrialist and society members also agreed to give maximum support to raise funds.On the basis of society, services ask grants from governments etc.


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