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JNV Shine Heath Care Society Looking For State Coordinator

Hiring Hiring Hiring. Yes, You Heard Right. We are hiring for state coordinator.

Jnv shine health care society offer to Navodayan to join JNV shine health care society as state coordinator from different states of the country.

Job Description 

State head of the society and have power to make there team with active jnvian and also take part in the central governing body, they have partially independent in financial affairs, state coordinators makes and right tools and methods to be used for them to produce a strong team for organization jnv shine health care society. They take note of the practices used to help in the development of a community.

Preparing the needed materials, submitting reports, handling the correspondence with society president and drafting the evaluations is part of the responsibilities of a state coordinator. State coordinator schedule the meetings with other organizations with society president, make travel arrangements and plan workshops for volunteers.
State coordinators also make a new set of administrative procedures as required by the rules and regulations of the organization. They also make sure that there is a good flow of information within members and volunteers.
Interested Jnvian send there resume on


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