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Our Projects

JNV Shine first establishes one super specialty clinic in Delhi NCR then turns to it in WORLD CLASS SUPER SPECIALTY HOSPITAL of 250 plus bed & make a chain of WORLD CLASS SUPER SPECIALTY HOSPITALS in the whole country where JNV present.
1-We will collaborate with NAVODAYAN doctors hospitals and clinics.
2-We cover all JNV students with our regular health camps.
3-After successful completion of the first hospital, we will establish a Public Ltd. Company with the name of Jnv shine and gave Participating Preferred Stock to all society members in equal proportion.

As this is technology time so we ‘ll develop some new technology over the time for our hospital. There are some points that I am mentioning below.

The trade-offs between quality of care, operational efficiency, convenient patient access, physician productivity, and initial capital costs should be considered in evaluating functional relationships, dedicated versus shared facilities, and the creation of decentralized, satellite services.

With rapidly changing technology, new payment initiatives, and uncertainties about various healthcare reform measures, planning for the healthcare campus of the future should involve an integrated process of clinical program planning, operations planning, and facility planning to ensure that new or renovated facilities are both flexible and promote operational efficiency well into the twenty-first century.