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Stand With Kerala | Kerala Flood Relief

Kerala is in the midst of an unprecedented flood havoc. The calamity has caused immeasurable misery and devastation. Many lives were lost. Hundreds of homes were totally destroyed and many more were damaged. For the first time in history, 27 dams in the State had to be opened. Never before had the State witnessed a calamity of this scale. In the fight against the flood, we have braved the odds.

Now it is our duty to help the affected for their medical needs. The path to recovery can be long & arduous, but you can make a difference by joining our hands for medicine donation.
*So if you want to donate medicines for KERALA flood victims, click on below link, register yourself and give your big hand as medicine*

We collect the medicine from your doorstep.


Sign Up For Free and Get Life Time JNV Shine Health Care Society Hospital Treatment

Hello Guys. Thanks For landing JNV Shine Health Care Society and ready to help us by giving your time. Medical Treatment is the most expensive worldwide. But Now We are planning to open a Hospital For You all where You get the cost-effective treatment for every disease in JNV Shine Super Speciality Hospital.

Before to go ahead, in Brief, let me give a short about JNV Shine Health Care Society.

JNV Shine Health Care Society is a social Startup by Navodayans ( WorldWide Best School Community ).  A Good start by President Alumni of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Sultanpur Up and other members of JNV Shine Healthcare society.

AIM Of JNV shine Health Care Society

Our Mission is To open, found, establish, promote, set-up, maintain, assist, support and, or, help in the setting up, running and, or, maintaining of public health institutions for promoting and ensuring healthy BHARAT mission with the help of Jnvian and other Indians.

What Benefits you Get by Taking Part Of This Initiative  

          Get the best and cost effective Treatment in JNV Shine Health Care Hospital.

  • Special Benefits of Navodayans and for their family member.
  • Medicine available in production cost like in PGI.
  • We took Guarantee for your treatment and our doctor will work to get you out from illness.


How You Can Help us to Open Super Specialty Hospital For You
  1. Help us by Promoting us on the social website to raise funds for Hospital.
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  3. One Like Help us to get 20 Rupee INR.

We Have population in million so your one like will change thousands of lives in our hospital. Sign up with  and Complete Your Profile.

What is MY Historia: My Historia is a social plus professional website combination where you can connect with your family and friends and it’s totally spam free.

So let me back with MyHistoria. It ‘ll take you 2 minute to get signup. So we do not need any money From You we just need your valuable 2 minutes to help you all with JNV Shine Health Care Hospital.

Share this with Your Family and Friends .. More SignUp helps us to raise more funds to serve you All benefits at low cost.

Lets Unite and Make Your Hospital Now. It’s not mine Hospital it’s Your Hospital For You.

Thanks For Contributing Your Time with Us.

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JNV Shine Heath Care Society Looking For State Coordinator

Hiring Hiring Hiring. Yes, You Heard Right. We are hiring for state coordinator.

Jnv shine health care society offer to Navodayan to join JNV shine health care society as state coordinator from different states of the country.

Job Description 

State head of the society and have power to make there team with active jnvian and also take part in the central governing body, they have partially independent in financial affairs, state coordinators makes and right tools and methods to be used for them to produce a strong team for organization jnv shine health care society. They take note of the practices used to help in the development of a community.

Preparing the needed materials, submitting reports, handling the correspondence with society president and drafting the evaluations is part of the responsibilities of a state coordinator. State coordinator schedule the meetings with other organizations with society president, make travel arrangements and plan workshops for volunteers.
State coordinators also make a new set of administrative procedures as required by the rules and regulations of the organization. They also make sure that there is a good flow of information within members and volunteers.
Interested Jnvian send there resume on


Annual General Meeting Announcement

Dear JNV SHINE Health Care Society Members, you all are invited to Board Member Annual Meeting.  Please join us at 7 Jan in Board Meeting.

See Agenda for Meeting Below in attached Pdf.

Urgent Opening For MBBS Doctor at JNV Shine Health Care Society

Hello Folks ! Here is Great news for MBBS Graduate who are looking to serve our nation and jnvian’s. We are looking young and professionals Physicians for our JNV Shine Health Care Society. Doctors have to serve on district level hospitals in India.

Job Responsibilities : monitoring and providing general care to patients on hospital wards and in outpatient clinics;admitting patients requiring special care, followed by investigations and treatment;examining and talking to patients to diagnose their medical conditions;carrying out specific procedures, e.g. performing operations and specialist investigations;making notes and preparing paperwork, both as a legal record of treatment and for the benefit of other healthcare professionals.Working with other doctors as part of a team, either in the same department or within other specialties.liaising with other medical and non-medical staff in the hospital to ensure quality treatment.

How To apply 

Interested candidates can sent their resume at or

Navodayan Doctors Seminar Held in Delhi – Check Recommendation and Conclusion

It was a great meeting with all Navodayan Doctors and I am very thankful to all Jnvians doctor who presents on occasion of a dream project “Navodaya Super Speciality Hospital”. Here I am sharing some great things that came from all suggestions and recommendations.Conclusions

Conclusion: Seminar participants acknowledged that rapid society growth is possible only by participating more number of NAVODAYANS.

1-Our JNV SHINE HEALTH CARE SOCIETY concentrated its focus on the ethical part of health care services. Participants recognised that health-insecurity is increasingly becoming a worldwide problem and that specific policies and programmes should be undertaken to improve the health security as well as social security, particularly among the NAVODAYAN.

2-The establishment of Navodayan doctors platforms an ideal example of social responsibility to give back to society. Efficient and quick response for medical issues enhances the trust of society i.e. JNV SHINE HEALTH CARE SOCIETY. These policies and programs should be formulated in close collaboration with all concerned NAVODAYANS DOCTORS and JNV SHINE HEATH CARE SOCIETY.

3-Affordable and reliable services of health care of the good quality of world class must be made affordable to all, including NAVODAYAN.

4- We would always work towards building Trust among all NAVODAYANS by ensuring participation of more number of NAVODAYANS.

5-We would also provide specific and relevant information on JNV SHINE HEALTH CARE SOCIETY’s project through website and others social platform of providing full details of a project and one-year road map of society. Such information is fundamental for sound policy and planning development and for effective program design and implementation. Information is particularly in the following areas Governing Body members’ information

1-Governing Body members’ information.
2-Upcoming events of society.
3-Information regarding collaborated doctors through JNV SHINE HEALTH CARE SOCIETY.
4-Categories of members and facilities.
5-Total available funds and expense information.
6-Future plan.
7-Scientifically sound and understandable information for the public health care and its social responsibility.

6-Effective coordination for timely action and effective planning is significantly improved by the involvement of many NAVODAYAN DOCTORS and other aluminies.

7-NATURE OF SUPER SPECIALTY HOSPITAL OF JNV SHINE HEALTH CARE SOCIETY is UNIQUE in the feature, society i.e. JNV SHINE HEALTH CARE SOCIETY will first open a super specialty clinic and make collaborations country wide among NAVODAYAN DOCTORS/clinics / hospital to have the facility of their members.

8-Enlargement of Governing Body is needed for society proper functioning.


1. Collaboration and coordination

Transparency must be emphasized in the process of elaborating policies and programs related to various aspects of collaboration among NAVODAYAN DOCTORS, clinic, and hospital.
• Mechanisms should be established to facilitate interactive communication among all society members; and
• Efforts should be strengthened to ensure effective collaboration and coordination among NAVODAYAN DOCTORS and society members to ensure more timely and coordinated action and more effective planning where appropriate, focal points may be established to deal with complex issues.

2- Enhancing fund raising process
• Doctors participating in seminar were ready to take membership of society and agree to more contribute other than standard membership contribution;
• Other Navodayan like industrialist and society members also agreed to give maximum support to raise funds.On the basis of society, services ask grants from governments etc.